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Coronavirus Tips – 7 Preventive Measures To Stay Safe Indoors


coronavirus tips stay safe home


We are amid challenging times. Therefore, SRL has come up with some common safety tips that can safeguard you from the pandemic coronavirus disease (COVID-19). People across the globe are panicking due to the alarming conditions of the coronavirus spread. In this troublesome time, you can still take steps to save yourself from this pandemic.

However, there is no availability of an antidote, vaccine, or other treatments to combat Coronavirus at this time. For your safety, the basic protective measures against COVID-19 can work amazingly. What is the guarantee of staying healthy at home? How can you keep the Coronavirus away staying inside the house?

To stay safe indoors, you need to understand the most important and basic preventive tips of Coronavirus. Careless behaviour towards health can be vicious.

By following standard precautions in everyday routine, you can help yourself and your family. The symptoms may be mild or severe, depending on your condition. Many people, with no prior underlying illnesses are recovering from this disease within a few days of basic treatment.

Basic protective measures against COVID-19


Below mentioned are some common safety tips that can help you in preventing Coronavirus while staying indoors:-


1. Maintain social distancing: –


One of the most effective preventive coronavirus tips can be practicing social distancing. You must maintain a distance of at least 1 meter (3 feet) from people who have issues of cough or are sneezing. Because of the cough, or sneezing, the virus may get transmitted through droplets via mouth or nose. Not maintaining a distance from the person who is sneezing or coughing may let the virus travel to your body and infect you. You must follow these coronavirus tips and maintain distance and only connect with people by means of technology like social media, video calls, etc.


2. Boost your immune system: –


Why should we wait to be infected with this terrible virus? The better option is to focus on coronavirus prevention. Boosting your immune system can really help you here; with fresh food like veggies and fruits, involving oneself in indoor exercises, intake of essential nutrients like Vitamin B12 with Methylcobalamin, Magnesium, Minerals, Vitamin C, etc. For coronavirus prevention, many basic tasty drinks have immune friendly and healthy ingredients in them like turmeric, lemon, and ginger.


3. Disinfect your belongings:-


Recent reports claim that one of the most dangerous coronavirus causes is its presence in the air and surfaces for a long time like a few hours to a couple of days. To understand the virus’s effect, you may take the example of copper, where it can stay for 4 hours. Cardboard holds the virus for 24 hours, on plastic, and on steel the virus sticks for almost 72 hours. Regularly cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces that are frequently touched, such as phones, tablets, remotes, fridges, etc. is an effective way for coronavirus prevention.


4. Practice respiratory hygiene while coughing or sneezing: –


A coronavirus symptom is not always the common cold. However, it may be one of the coronavirus symptoms. It spreads through respiratory droplets or by touching an infected surface. You must cover your mouth or nose while sneezing or coughing using a tissue. Spread awareness among people around you to maintain respiratory hygiene. If a tissue is not available, you may sneeze or cough into your elbows and wash hands immediately. That’s how you can prevent coronavirus symptoms.


5. Wash your hands frequently the right way: –


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you must wash your hands at least for 20 seconds thoroughly with any liquid hand wash or soap throughout the day in small intervals. This preventive coronavirus tip in India must be followed more frequently, especially when you are in public or you go out of your house. The sanitizers containing at least 60% of alcohol may also be used to kill Coronavirus. This coronavirus tip can help you prevent or combat the pandemic disease.


6. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth: –


Taking protective measures for COVID-19 is everyone’s responsibility. Being a respiratory illness, it can travel from human to human. You might unintentionally touch a person or a surface that is infected with Coronavirus, and that’s how you invite the disease inside you. Following this protective measure for COVID-19, you must keep washing your hands.  Also, avoid touching your face as it may increase the chance of coronavirus infection.


7. If you have fever, cough, and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early: –


Coronavirus treatments are being done according to the symptoms of flu, cold, cough, and fever. However, there is no confirmation of the coronavirus infection with symptoms like coughing, difficulty breathing, or fever. Nevertheless, you must ensure that you are taking coronavirus treatments after confronting these symptoms.  Observe the symptoms, which can stay from 2-14 days in the case of Coronavirus. You should seek medical help and the health facility to guide you with the right treatments.


These common preventive tips of Coronavirus can effectively safeguard you while you are staying indoors. From maintaining distance to washing hands, all the preventive tips are important. Stay home, and stay safe. Following these easy but highly effective tips, you can create a barrier between yourself and the disease.

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