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7 Easy Office Exercises That Can Be Done At Your Desk

Professionals and entrepreneurs lead super-busy lifestyles today. The work schedules may tend to keep you sticking to the office desk for long hours. However, prolonged sitting causes issues like heart disease, diabetes, and sometimes cancers too.

What if you could make a routine of simple exercises to remain fit without leaving your desk? If you are wondering “what exercises can I do while sitting at my office desk”, you’re in the right place.

Let us discuss some effective exercises for office employees that will help you remain fit. These exercises for office jobs won’t need any fancy gym equipment. These will enhance your patience to work up to a greater extent. These small workouts in the office serve as effective stress-busters which would also increase your efficiency at work.

A glance at small, yet, result-oriented exercise for office jobs that you can do in the standing position:


1.  Push-ups at the Desk


Rest both your hands on the desk and keep your legs on the floor leaning on the desk. The desk must be sturdy to sustain your weight. Now, push your body towards the desk and return to the original position with a gentle pull. Make sure that you are keeping your hands on the desk a bit wider than your shoulder width. Also, tighten your abs. Repeat 20 push-ups in a cycle and then relax.

exercise for office employees


2. Take Support of the Wall for Push-ups


This ​is an improved version of the push-ups at the desk. Stand at a considerable distance from a wall in your office. Place your hands on the wall at a comfortable distance, a bit wider than the width of your shoulders. Now, push your chest towards the wall keeping the abs tighter. Then, pull your body back taking the support of your hands on the wall. Repeat 20 push-ups.

exercise for office jobs


3. Skipping Action Without a Rope


Skipping can be an exciting ​exercise for office employees​. Yet, it may not be practical to jump with a rope when you are at the office desk. So, stand near your desk and jump to a low height with both legs. Try alternate legs for added variety. Swing your hands as if you are swinging a rope with them. This is a marvellous​ exercise to overcome fatigue.

simple exercise to remain fit


4. Heel Raises With the Support of your Chair


This ​exercise for the office chair ​is the best remedy to beat stress due to prolonged sitting. Stand behind your chair keeping your hands on it. Then, raise your heels to the greatest extent to bring you on toes. Now, place the complete foot back on the floor. For better results, keep your knees straight and tight during this exercise.

Stretch your body sitting on your chair.

exercise for office chair


5. Gentle Leg Raises While Sitting

This one is effective ​that keeps your lower body muscles intact. Sit straight and upright. Raise one of your legs parallel to the floor at a slow pace. Keep the leg there for about 10 seconds; then take the foot back on the floor. Continue the same with your other leg as well. This exercise improves circulation in the lower body. It is feasible that you can perform this even during a meeting.

 sitting exercise at office desk


6. Crunches While Sitting on your Chair


Prepare for the crunch, keeping your feet placed on the floor and taking your hands behind your head. To perform a crunch, lift a knee and bend your entire body to take the opposite elbow near the raised knee. Now, return to an upright straight seating position. Follow the same process with the other knee and opposite elbow to complete a cycle.



7. Stretch in Figure 4


Keep one of your legs crossed over the other. Place the ankle of the crossed leg on the other knee. Placing one hand on the knee of the crossed leg, lean forward to feel a considerable stretch in your lower back. Continue the exercise with the other leg also.



Practical benefits of these exercises at your office desk:


  • It enhances flexibility and also improve the function of the joints.
  • It helps to relieve tension from your neck and shoulders.
  • It helps to achieve a great deal of peace of mind.


This well-designed set of 7 exercises help you continue your work with a great mood that can be performed​ in almost no time.

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