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Hepatitis B – Symptoms, Causes, Vaccine, Tests & Treatment

Hepatitis B Symptoms, Causes, Vaccine, Tests & Treatment

The lifestyle that we are living in today’s time is surely not a healthy one. With so many health risks coming up there is no doubt that the right measures for precaution are still not being followed. Talking of this, Hepatitis B has spread the fire of fear in everyone’s mind and if you are worried about then you must be clear about certain facts associated with it. Know one thing, if the right measures are taken on time then surely you will not face any kind of problems soon.


What Is Hepatitis B?


This kind of infection usually targets your liver. It results in organ scarring, failure of the liver and even cancer to name a few. Surely if not treated on time, it can be a serious concern and at times it may also result in death. The spread usually of this virus takes place when a person comes in contact with the open sores, blood, or even the body fluid of another affected person. No doubt it is one serious concern but if the problem occurs in an adult then certainly, it will not last for long as the body has a tendency to fight back against it and then become immune for the rest of their life.


Symptoms Of Hepatitis B


Just because it can be less risky amongst adult does not mean you can’t get one. In case, you think you are infected then you may notice some of the symptoms of Hepatitis B such as:

  • Your skin or eyes turn yellow and the color of your pee turns out to be orange
  • The poop is light in color
  • You can get frequent chills and fever too
  • The fatigue persists for months
  • There is a pain frequently noticed in the belly area
  • You may face stomach trouble such as nausea, low appetite, and vomiting too


Generally, such types of symptoms are noticeable up to a year of 1 to 6 months after you catch a virus. It is always better to be sure about the causes of disease and its occurrence by taking a blood test. For this crucial process, we at SRL Diagnostics can be helpful for you.


Who are at Risk of Chronic Disease?


It is only the Hepatitis B virus that is one of the causes of Hepatitis B. Other than this, there are chances for the infection to become chronic depending on the age at which this problem occurred. More commonly kids who are below 6 years of age are most likely to get infected with the hepatitis B virus. They rather are more prone to create chronic infections and that is why extra care for them needs to be taken. Our focus is to offer every fact that can help you stay alert.


Risk Rate In Infants, Children, and Kids:

  • Generally, the chances of this virus amongst infants is 90% in the first year of life which can be detected by Hepatitis B tests
  • The risk of chronic infection among children is around 50% before 6 years of age.
  • In case of adults, the risk if 5%. 20% of the adults are at the risk of infection if they develope liver cancer.




It is important to have laboratory confirmation of Hepatitis B before starting with any medical treatment. There are several Hepatitis B tests that can help in diagnosing and monitoring the patients.

These tests basically can help in differentiating between chronic and acute infection. It is a blood test which doctors generally advise for the patients and accordingly understand how to cure the issue.


Transmission of Hepatitis B


Before you look for ways on how to cure Hepatitis B, it is important to know what exactly can spread the virus amongst others. There are ample common ways through which the transmission of this virus may increase. Talking of which:

  • If it is unprotected sex with someone who has already been affected then chances of you getting the same virus is high
  • To share a needle can also increase the risk of spreading the virus of Hepatitis B
  • If there is any accidental needle prick that is already contaminated with infected blood then chances of you getting infected are high.




There is no specific treatment of Hepatitis B problem. Generally, the doctor advises acute care and focuses on maintaining comfort and ensuring there is a nutritional balance maintained too which usually gets lost because of diarrhea and vomiting.

With quite affordable hepatitis B vaccine cost in India, it is always better to take precautions. It is always important to avoid medicines which your body doesn’t needviz. paracetamol. There are different viral antiviral agents by which such diseases can be treated but according to World Health Organization, oral options such as tenofovir or entecavir can play a crucial role.

Considering the hepatitis B vaccine cost in India it is better to choose the right treatment after careful research that you get at>

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