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Menopause – Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

Menopause Symptoms Causes

Menopause – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment Labs, Test Cost


Menopause is a phase in every woman’s life. Every woman experiences it as they grow old, and one can witness a variety of changes in the body. Most often, these changes are normal and do not require medical support. But, if you experience extreme discomfort, taking help from a medical expert is always better.

Understanding the menopausal transition can be confusing as it varies from one woman to another. However, to make it a little easier, we have covered it all in this article. From signs and symptoms of menopause to causes and their treatment, everything is discussed in brief here. Let’s dig into it without any more delay.


What is Menopause?


The phase when menstruation completely stops for the rest of a woman’s life is known as menopause. Generally, women belonging to the age group of 40 to 50 start experiencing menopause. However, the average age calculated for menopause is 51 years.

But, don’t worry if you have crossed this age and your menstruation is still normal. Menopause can be a little late in some women. Late menopause is nothing close to a medical emergency. In some cases, women do get their menopause while entering their 40s. It is normal as well, but you can consult a doctor if you see any alarming symptoms.

The phenomenon is very normal and happens to every woman in their lifecycle. Besides, signs and symptoms of menopause start showing up three to four years before the pause begins. Now that we know enough about menopause let us look at the symptoms and causes.


Symptoms of Menopause


Signs and symptoms of menopause are easy to detect. One of the most common signs is no menstruation for at least 12 months. There are several other symptoms associated with menopause.

All these symptoms are different for every other woman. Menopause, to each woman, is unique, and so are its symptoms for all. Major problems occur when menopause happens suddenly, it can lead to severe symptoms. But, even severe symptoms can be treated easily with the right medical support.


Below listed are a couple of extremely common signs of menopause that every woman experiences. These are:


  • Mood swings

Mood swing is one of the most common symptoms during menstruation and menopause. Women going through the menopause phase constantly feel anger and irritation.

  • Vaginal dryness

Decreased sex drive and vaginal dryness is yet another very common symptom faced by menopausal women.

  • A sudden increase in weight.
  • Some women feel depression and anxiety post-menopause.
  • Skin problems tend to arise in most women, as well. Dry skin and hair fall are very common.

    These are some very common menopause symptoms. Besides, early symptoms of menopause can be as follows:

  • You will start experiencing very heavy or very light menstruation. It will be heavier or lighter than all your previous menstruation.
  • Most women experience extreme discomfort in terms of body temperature. Night sweats and chills are observed.


    Menopause Causes


Like we all know, a woman’s body has a bunch of eggs stored in its ovaries. These ovaries are responsible for releasing the egg every month. After a certain age when the ovaries stop releasing these eggs, menopause happens.


Menopause Treatment Labs Test Cost




No menstruation is a sign enough to diagnose menopause. However, there are a couple of blood tests for menopause. You can visit your nearby SRL Diagnostics centre to get your FSH and TSH tested.




There is no particular treatment of menopause. However, symptomatic treatments can bring relief. Besides, chronic diseases occur with ageing, treatment of menopause can be an aid to manage all such diseases.


Test Cost

Menopause test cost
at SRL Diagnostics is Rs.1,999 which is fairly affordable. One can take a menopause test at home using the kits available in the local medical stores.

Other than this, our blog contains every test-related information. Make sure you check them out too.

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