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Now Detect Endometriosis in a Day, Research Tells You How

Endometriosis is an agonizing condition that affects one in ten women. This chronic gynecological disease can impact 10-15% women in their reproductive age where the endometrium cells develop right outside the uterus, inside a woman’s pelvic area. If you are experiencing painful periods, infertility, excessive pain during sexual intercourse and pelvic pain, then it is time to get yourself diagnosed.

Laparoscopy has been used till date to identify the abnormal endometrial cells that are then removed through a surgical process. However, it has been observed by experts that laparoscopy can also cause complications and adversely impact the fertility in women who are not suffering from endometriosis.

However, now this painful disease that can also be detected through a simple blood test. Recent research claims that these women will not be required to undergo an invasive surgery for the detection of the condition.

The magical blood test

The test, which is one of the types of blood test, has been developed by Heather Bowerman of Dot Laboratories in San Francisco that can detect the tissue that grows outside a woman’s uterus. This abnormality can often be incredibly painful for the sufferer. The test can take up to a day to come with the results.

What is endometriosis?

This condition starts with excruciating pelvic pain and may even cause infertility in women, if left untreated. Even though the medical experts are yet to find a cure for this disease, an early diagnosis will help them deal with the pain and also allow them to be aware of the possible infertility. This is especially helpful for couples who have been planning to start a family.

According to Bower man, the diagnoses can take up to 11 years in women suffering from endometriosis. However, Dot Laboratories can compress those 11 years and shorten the time period to 24-hours. All this is possible with one blood test that can inform women about their condition with certainty.

Things you need to know about Endometriosis

–  So  far, the medical community is yet to develop a cure for this disease

–  Getting a hysterectomy will not cure the condition

–  Being pregnant does not mean that your endometriosis has been cured

–  Infertility may happen, but it is not always the case

–  Diagnosis can only be done via invasive surgical procedures that also increases the risk of causing infertility

–  Pelvic pain caused in endometriosis may not occur during periods

According to Bower man, the first trials of the blood test to detect endometriosis have been successful. She is now in talks with large pharmaceutical companies to partner with so that this test can be made available to people. Dot Lab’s effective test has all the makings of a screening tool for the diagnosis of this disease.


In the present scenario, if a woman has to get an endometriosis diagnosis, she would be required to undergo an invasive surgical procedure in the presence of doctors, complete with anesthetics and extensive equipment. This is not only an expensive affair but also exposes the woman to a risk of infertility. Some countries even experience long waiting times that can only make their condition worse.

However, the women also have the option of undergoing endometrial biopsy that takes up to 3-days to detect the condition and can confirm the presence of nerve fibers. Experts say that the test is fairly accurate and may only miss detecting endometriosis in less than 1% women. A woman with positive endometrial biopsy results combined with laparoscopy can get accurate diagnosis of endometriosis in 80-90% women. This would help in reducing the number of laparoscopies performed on women whose endometriosis is not yet confirmed.



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