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Urinalysis – Symptoms, Urine Test Types, Cost & Labs


Urinalysis is a basic assessment of your Urine and is conducted to find out whether your kidney or Urinary tract has any kind of infection that needs to be treated. Urinalysis involves certain physical, chemical and microscopic tests and is aimed at tracing the presence of bacteria, cells, cellular fragments, and other items. Let us have a quick look at the Urine test, types, Test Cost and results achieved after getting the same done.


Symptoms of Urinalysis


The most common Urinalysis symptoms involve those seen in the kidney or the symptoms of Urinary Tract Infections (UTI):

  • Pain in the stomach
  • Severe pain in the back
  • Feeling of pain when you pass urine
  • Blood is seen while passing urine



Types of Urinalysis?


Mostly the Urine test types are as follows:

    • A visual examination where the colour and the clarity of the urine is scrutinized.
    • Next is the chemical analysis where the Urine test results would reveal the presence of 9 substances. There is a microscopic examination which analyses the types of cells, crystals, bacteria and mucus that are present. Usually, this is conducted only after the visual examination results show any untoward presence in the Urine.
    • Lastly, a dipstick test is when a thin plastic strip is dipped in the urine. The chemicals of the strip undergo a change and inform the kind of ailment that would be afflicting the person. A dipstick test checks for acidity, protein, glucose, WBC, blood in urine, bilirubin, etc.



How the sample is taken?


Normally the doctors advise you to take a small urine sample for testing right in the morning as that is the time when chances of contamination are reduced. Some doctors advise the use of the “clean catch” method to retrieve the sample. This is done to avoid any kinds of germs and microbes that may accompany the sample. The following are the steps that you should follow when you use the clean catch method.

      • Wash the entire groin area as thoroughly as possible to eliminate contamination
      • Start by passing urine in the toilet.
      • Stop and let a few ounces of the Urine collect in the container
      • Finish peeing and close the sample container carefully to avoid spillage.



What do Urinalysis test results reveal?


A Urinalysis, when conducted accurately, can reveal the presence of infections which might otherwise have not even shown their symptoms yet. Since it is a routine procedure prescribed by the doctors, the Urine test cost is generally low and starts from Rs.120.

Using the results of the tests, doctors are able to diagnose Urinary tract and kidney infections, kidney failure, signs of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, etc. The doctor can also trace ailments like Kidney stones, inflammation in Kidney and muscle breakdown.

A Urinalysis or Urine test, in simpler words, can be suggested by the doctor at the slightest of doubts. Most Urine test labs in India are adequately equipped to handle the test, provided you know which brand to trust upon. In case you are Googling for a “urine test lab near me”, visiting would provide the best options available. SRL diagnostics has a proven track record in the field and you can trust them with any such requirement.

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