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Yellow Fungus – Infection Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Yellow fungus Infection Causes


Besides the relapse of COVID-19 in India, various types of fungal infections are developing in the post-COVID phase.

Firstly Black fungus, also known as mucormycosis, is detected in various patients and has been declared an epidemic by health officials. Later on, doctors submitted reports of other fungus infections like White fungus and Yellow fungus cases.

Yellow fungus infection is an infectious fungus found in reptiles and rarely in humans. The infection is deadlier than other fungal infections. Some patients are diagnosed with this infection during the post-COVID phase.

What is Yellow Fungus Infection?

Yellow fungus infection, also called mucor septic, is a type of fungal infection caused due to fungal mold spores present in a contaminated environment.

Experts have said that this virus is more threatening than Black fungus and white fungus as it influences the body internally and affects the body’s metabolism.

Also, Yellow fungus infection, in severe cases, leads to organ failure and acute necrosis. Therefore, due to its severe complication and chances of organ failure, it is best to recognize it in the early stages.

What are the symptoms of Yellow Fungus infection?

Yellow fungus infection affects the metabolism of the body. The most recognizable and early symptom of Yellow Fungus is excessive lethargy and loss of appetite.

Other Symptoms include:

Some additional symptoms are similar to symptoms of Black Fungus such as facial deformity, sunken eyes and slow healing of wounds.

Yellow Fungus Infection Symptoms Treatment

How does Yellow Fungus infection spread?

The fungal infection is spread through the mold spores from the contaminated zone. A person inhales fungus mold spores that have been affected by the yellow fungal infection, and the fungus enters the body.

It is not a contagious disease passing from one person to another, as in COVID-19. However, the contaminated area is the main reason for its spreading.

The long-term stay in the hospital, lack of hygiene, spoiled foods, and humid temperature all play a predisposing factor in spreading yellow fungal infection.

Who is most at risk of Yellow fungus infection?

The risk factors for all the fungal infections are the same be it Black fungus, White fungus, or Yellow fungus.

 An individual who is at higher risk of these infections is-

  • A person with weak immunity
  • An individual who is undergoing any organ transplant
  • A person has been affected by COVID-19
  • Somebody who has taken chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • An Immunocompromised patient
  • Diabetic patient
  • A person taking steroid medications for a long time
  • An individual with comorbidities like Hypertension, Heart diseases, Lung diseases, etc.
  • A patient who is staying in a hospital for a prolonged period

What is the treatment of Yellow fungus infection?

Antifungal medicines are used to treat yellow fungal infections and other fungal infections under medical advice.

Though these fungal infections are dangerous, they can be cured if detected early and received proper medical guidance.

What are the Preventive measures in Yellow fungal infection?

When it comes to the Yellow Fungal Infection, which is more severe and dense, it is imperative to take preventive actions from the start.

Preventive measures like:

  • Maintaining proper hygiene
  • Proper cross ventilation
  • Staying away from constructive sites, dusty places. If necessary, wearing gloves and boots.
  • Early detection of symptoms
  • Being aware of the disease
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Strict monitoring of glucose levels in diabetic patients


An increase in the varieties of fungal infections and the new variants of COVID-19 have been spreading a sense of fear among the population. The several types of fungal infections notified are serious, but they are curable if detected early.

First, however, it is vital to understand the root cause and be prepared for it. Only then, with proper and adequate preventive measures, can we be safe.

For early and hassle-free detection of COVID-19, and fungal infection, you can book an appointment with SRL diagnostics. SRL diagnostic is an ICMR, Government of India approved lab for the collection of samples, detection, and diagnosis of COVID-19.

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